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The largest selection of adult and kids' scooters in NYC!

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Carry-friendly wheels for all seasons

Wheels for urban explorers ages one to 100

See NYC in a whole new way!

Life is short. Don't spend it underground.

We love the city. But sometimes, moving in it can be a challenge. That's why we think there should be more options for getting around. Full-sized and large-frame folding bikes are great for longer distances, but can be cumbersome to carry up stairs and on public transport. Bike shares are wonderful for short hops, but can be pricey for longer multiple stop errands, and inconvenient during rush hour.

Everything that we carry at Urban Motion aims to make getting about and things done in the city easier and more enjoyable. We carry lightweight, silent and fashionable kick scooters for gliding along the sidewalk, electric scooters for longer distances, and the smallest, lightest folding bikes--both electric hybrid and purely pedal powered--for those who prefer a seated ride.

508 East 12th Street (Manhattan) New York, NY 10009 United States (917) 853-5377